Everyone loves getting something for free, don’t they? It’s human nature. And that includes your fans!

That’s why in today’s blog we’re going to share 3 ways you can utilize giveaways to gain more fans and encourage them to take actions that can make a huge difference to your career.

But before we get started, let me answer the first question you may be asking:

“What if I don’t have anything to giveaway!?”

Well, if you don’t have any CDs, vinyl or merch yet, you can easily design & print a t-shirt to give away for less than 30 bucks by using a print on demand service [e.g Printful].

The best part about using a PoD service is that you can literally order one t-shirt just for the giveaway itself, and even get it shipped out directly to the winner when the competition is finished.

Now we’ve got the prize sorted, let’s take a look at 3 ways to make the most of fan giveaways:

1] Mailing List Sign-Ups

Mailing lists are the holy grail of digital music marketing – they literally give you direct access to your biggest and most engaged fans 24/7.

And if you’re struggling to convert casual listeners into mailing list members, a giveaway can be a great incentive!

Simply create an e-mail capture form (using a site like GoogleForms), and offer the chance to win a free prize to those fans who join your mailing list.

Make sure you share the competition across all of your socials and consider running a Facebook / Instagram ad campaign targeting your existing followers / engaged audiences too.

2] Pre-Saves

We all know how important pre-saves are, and securing as many as possible in the run up to your release will give your song a huge boost with the Spotify algorithm.

To encourage fans to take this action, consider offering entry into a competition when they pre-save your release.

You can use a pre-save campaign tool like ToneDen to create your pre-save / competition form, and again blast this across your social media, FB / IG ad campaigns and mailing list for maximum results.

3] Playlist Adds

As with pre-saves, every time a fan adds your song to their own personal playlists your release receives a huge boost with the Spotify algorithm.

And again, you can encourage fans to add their track to their own playlists by offering a prize.

You can get really creative with this idea, but a simple strategy involves asking your fans to create a playlist based around your song.

For example, if your song is called ‘Holiday‘, you could set a challenge for them to create a playlist featuring their top 10 favourite beach songs [and yours too, obviously!], with a prize going to the best playlist.

This is a great way to boost personal playlist adds on your release [which Spotify’s algorithm loves] without coming across as being ‘spammy’ with your followers, and also gives you the chance to have some fun with your fans!

– – –

We hope you find some of these giveaway ideas useful, and if you put any of them into action please do let us know how you get on!

Got any questions? Feel free to get in touch at artists@wearedrop.io [we’re always happy to offer FREE advice and pinky promise not to hit you with any schmoozy sales talk], or hit us up on IG!

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