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Drop© gives you the power to leverage the true potential of TikTok promotion via hyper-targeted influencer placements.

Real audiences, real engagement, real growth.

We hyper-target TikTok followers based on their tastes, interests and demographics, ensuring your song reaches relevant fans who will love and organically share your music.

Genuine placements. Backed by API data.

We understand the importance of protecting your music from fake results, irrelevant audiences and policy violations.

That's why we combine an in-depth manual review process with our industry-leading API technology to ensure every influencer campaign reaches genuine listeners.

We guarantee real results. No compromise.

We only join forces with artists that we believe in.

Thousands of artists + record labels trust Drop© to reach new listeners, build genuine traction and grow organic fanbases on TikTok.

Let's turn your release into our next success story.

Simple set up, transparent pricing.

TikTok Influencer Campaign


Automatically pitch your single to verified TikTok influencers with guaranteed review

Secure TikTok video placements for your release from genuine, hyper-targeted influencers

Guaranteed minimum audience reach of 100,000+ TikTok followers

Monitor your placements and audience data via real-time e-mail notifications


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